6 Easy Ways to Fake Your iPhone GPS Location without Jailbreak

For one reason or another, you may want to fake your iPhone GPS location without jailbreak. And sometimes, simply changing your Apple ID country or region is not enough. So, what do you do? Well, many people still think of it as a very technically-intensive procedure, but nothing could be further from the truth. Let’s begin by looking at scenarios that may require you to change your iPhone’s GPS location.

When Do You Want to Fake GPS Location?

1. Prevent Sharing of Location with Social Media Apps

Most social media apps such as Facebook or Twitter and dating apps such as Tinder, like to ask about your current GPS location. “Tricking” your iPhone’s GPS may help you avoid targeted marketing campaigns, or in the case of dating, it can help you gain possible matches in a new area.

2. Get the Upper Hand in A Location-Based Game

One of the most popular location-based games of this century is Pokémon GO. The game requires you to travel to various places collecting different Pokémon types. Spoofing your iPhone’s GPS location can help you trick the game that you have already made the trip to a particular location, thereby availing to you more Pokémon types.

3. Boost GPS Signals on Your Real Location

In case the GPS signals in an area are not strong enough, spoofing can help set your real location hence making it easier to find you.

We have already known the situations where people need to spoof GPS location. Next, we’re going to discuss 6 simple ways to change iPhone location without any hassles. Before introduction, below is a comparison table that summarizes all the 6 methods for faking your iPhone’s GPS location without jailbreak.

Use iMyFone AnyTo to Fake GPS iPhone Location without Jailbreak

Some of the popular features of AnyTo are:

  • Faking Location on iPhone without jailbreak: It tricks apps that require GPS location. Those apps that request access to your GPS data will believe you are in the place that you set in the software. And you don’t have to worry about bricking your phone or installing questionable packages.
  • Simulating movement with customized speed: If you have a game that requires walking, like Pokémon Go, you can plan the route by setting the moving speed. That means you don’t have to go outside for walking to hatch Pokémon Go eggs.

Watch Video Tutorial to Fake GPS Location on Your iPhone without Jailbreak in 2020

A step-by-step guide to fake iPhone location without jailbreak by AnyTo.

Step 2: Once the iMyFone map loads, click on the Teleport icon in the upper-right corner (third one from the left).

Step 3: Next, type where you want your iPhone’s location to be in the top left corner. Or you can choose a destination by zooming in/out the map.

Step 4: Finally, you should see the Move button. Press it. Nearly instantaneously, your iPhone’s GPS location will be where you set it in the program!

To verify that you successfully change GPS location on iPhone, open Apple Maps on your iOS device. You should see the familiar blue dot in the area that you selected in iMyFone AnyTo!

Tricking your iPhone into thinking that you are somewhere else in the world is effortless with iMyFone AnyTo. What’s more, you can also share your virtual location with your friends on all location-based social applications. Is that so cool? Try it free right now!

Use iSpoofer to Change iPhone Location without Jailbreak in 2020

These are steps to change GPS location on iPhone.

Step 1: Download and install iSpoofer on your computer (works with both Mac and Windows PC).

Step 2: Unlock your iPhone and connect your iPhone via USB to your computer.

Step 3: Launch the iSpoofer app on your computer. It will immediately detect your device.

Step 4: Select the “ Spoof “ option. This should redirect you to a map interface.

Step 5: You can now search for a specific location and select the “ Move” button. Your iPhone’s GPS location will be changed, and it will reflect across all installed apps.


  • Map navigation has two modes: “Move” and “Pin”.
    “Move” mode uses joystick control while the “Pin” mode allows you to track a path using pins.
  • You can reset the GPS location to its original by closing the map and selecting the “back to normal” option.

Use iTools to Fake GPS Location on iPhone without Jailbreak

Below are simple steps on how to fake GPS location iPhone without jailbreak.

Step 1: Download and install iTools on your computer (works with both Mac and Windows PC).

Step 2: Unlock your iPhone and connect your iPhone to the computer.

Step 3: Launch the iTools app in your computer and select Free Trial.

Step 4: Go to the Toolbox screen and select the “ Virtual Location” option.

Step 5: Input your desired fake location into the text box in the map interface and hit “ Enter”.

Step 6: Select “ Move here “ to teleport your iPhone to the new location.


  • You can exit the iTools app but still keep your fake GPS simulation intact.
  • Select “Stop Simulation” to revert to your real location.

Use iBackupBot to Spoof iPhone GPS without Jailbreak

Here’s how you can use it to spoof your iPhone GPS location.

Step 1: Connect your iPhone to your computer via USB and launch iTunes.

Step 2: Click the iPhone icon to launch more options. Make sure the box for “ Encrypt iPhone” is unchecked and click on the “ Back Up Now “ option.

Step 3: Download and install iBackupBot.

Step 4: Once you have backed up all your data, close iTunes and launch iBackupBot. At this stage, you will notice that all your files have been backed up.

Step 5: Locate the Apple Maps’ plist file by following any one of the following paths:

a.System Files > HomeDomain > Library > Preferences b.User App Files > com.apple.Maps > Library > Preferences

Step 6: Now look for a block of data that starts with “ dict “ tag and under it, insert the following lines:

Step 7: Save and exit from iBackupBot.

Step 8: Now, follow the path below from settings and disable the “ Find My iPhone “ feature.

Settings > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Find My Phone

Step 9: Reconnect to iTunes and select “ Restore Backup”.

Step 10: Launch Apple Maps and navigate to your desired location to simulate, and your GPS will be teleported to that location.


This procedure may not necessarily work for all the other apps on your iPhone.

Use Xcode to Spoof GPS without Jailbreak in 2020

Here’s how to fake GPS location on iPhone without jailbreak.

Step 1: Download and install the Xcode app on your Mac computer.

Step 2: Launch the Xcode app and select the “ Create a new Xcode project > Single view app” scheme.

Step 3: Connect your iPhone via USB to your Mac.

Step 4: Choose “ Next” after inputting “ Product name “. Then select the place where the project should be created.

Step 5: Follow the path to log in your Apple ID account.

XCode > Preferences > Accounts > + > Apple ID > log in to your account

Step 6: Select “ team” from the drop-down list. Choose “> “ to start the building process.

Step 7: You can switch to maps application after finishing the process of the build.

Step 8: Select the place that you want to fake from the bottom. Then the location on your iOS device will be changed.


This procedure is for the more tech-savvy. One disadvantage is that it has preset locations to which your iPhone’s GPS may teleport. If you want to fake a location that is not on the list, you will have to use a GPX file. This is a more technical procedure.

Edit A Plist File to Change Location without Jailbreak

Here is a step-by-step guide to fake iPhone GPS location without jailbreak.

Step 1: Download and install 3utools on your Windows computer.

Step 2: Connect your iPhone via USB to your computer.

Step 3: Launch 3uTools. It should immediately detect your device.

Step 4: Go to “ Backup/Restore” from “ iDevice “ to back up your data.

Step 5: Once this is done, launch the most recent backup in “ Backup Management “ option and navigate by following this path:

AppDocument > AppDomain-com.apple.Maps > Library > Preferences

Step 6: Double click on the file called “ com.apple.Maps.plist “.

Step 7: Insert the lines below before the “/dict “ tag.

Step 8: Save the plist file and go back to “ Backup Management” and disable the “ Find My iPhone “ feature and then restore the most recent backup.

Settings > Your Apple ID > iCloud > Find My Phone

Step 9: Unplug your iPhone after restoring a backup. Then go to the “ Apple Map “ application, and simulate your desired location.

After that, not only the apple maps but the other location-based app will use the faking location.


  • This works for iOS 10 and older versions.
  • To use 3uTools, you must have iTunes installed on your computer.

Final Words

Originally published at https://www.imyfone.com.



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